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This is Project You!

Project You was started with noticing one key trend across the Muslim Ummah. Almost all of us are facing the same challenges in life, yet very few are able to overcome them. Why?

Perhaps it’s because a lot of us, even though we know our problems, don’t know how to overcome these challenges and are stuck in the mindset that this is our life and we simply just can not overcome them, or that we were ‘Born this way!’

So an impassioned team from around the world, under the guidance of the esteemed Shaikh Sajid Umar, brought about a project that allows the average Muslim, Me & You, to discover practicle yet simple ways to overcome some of life’s challenges. Inspiring if not solely achieving positive change in the world. All of this was to assist You.

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About ProjectYou

Project You is global online self-help platform for the connected generation. We put the spotlight on human struggles, challenges, and millennial issues. We share ideas & inspirations to overcome these challenges, through content that is grounded in our beliefs along with a tinge of contemporary wisdom. We are looking to present practical, no-judgment, and easy-to-adopt concepts to better lives


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